Payment facilitator agreement

GoMore handles the payments between users when ridesharing and rental bookings are completed. In order to remain compliant with European Union regulations, we require that drivers and car owners on GoMore enter into an agreement that allows us to represent you in the handling of your payments. The below agreement does not imply any changes to fees or how the money is made available to you.

The undersigned, (the “Principal”) hereby grants a power of attor- ney (the “Power of Attorney”) to GoMore ApS, company reg. (CVR) no. 35 86 54 97, Kompagnistræde 20 C, DK-1208 Copenhagen, and/or its representatives or related par- ties (together the “Agent”), with full power of delegation, on behalf of the Principal to negotiate, execute, sign and amend binding agreements (together the “Transactional Agreements”) regarding rental, ridesharing, or other sharing of the Principal’s cars, including related products and services, e.g. processing, completion and receipt of payments relating to such services under the Transactional Agreements (together the “Services”), to third party users of the Agent’s website and other platforms (together the “Users”) through the Agent’s website and other platforms as well as to perform such other acts as may be necessary and/or desirable to perfect the Transactional Agreements, in connection with the Agent’s activities as agent (in Danish: “handelsagent”) for the Principal through processing prices and terms for the Services as determined by the Principal to the Users.

The Principal acknowledges and accepts that the Users make payments for the Services with full discharging effect to the Agent upon which the Principal is obligated to perform agreed Services pursuant to Transactional Agreements with relevant Users as negotiated, signed, executed and amended, as the case may be, by the Agent.

By signing this Power of Attorney, the Principal accepts that any matter or dispute be- tween the Principal and the Users arising under any Transactional Agreement, including fulfilment and perfection of such, is of no concern for the Agent and is for the Principal’s own account and risk.

This Power of Attorney can be revoked at any time by written notice from the Principal.

This Power of Attorney shall be governed and construed in accordance with Danish law to the exclusion of any rules on choice of law or jurisdiction that would refer the subject matter to another governing law or jurisdiction.

Any dispute, which might arise out of or in connection with this Power of Attorney, shall be brought before the City Court of Copenhagen (Københavns Byret).